Building A Better Mouse Trap: Pros And Cons Of Four Different Rodent Traps

5 January 2015
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If you discover evidence of rodents, particularly mice, in your home, you should consider contacting a professional exterminator. However, if you want to take action and do something to resolve the problem, you may opt to invest in some mouse traps to place around your home. Before you buy and implement this strategy, there are some pros and cons of the various mouse traps available on the market. Here are some of your options:

Snap-style mouse trap

Perhaps the most common type of trap sold is the snap-style mouse trap, which is available widely for a reasonable cost. These traps have come a long way and are currently offered in some fairly inventive styles; however, the issue with a snap-style trap is that it is intended to maim and kill the rodent. This will make it necessary to remove the rodent and trap later, which could be very off-putting to some consumers.

Electronic mouse trap

If you want to invest a few more dollars for an electronic mouse trap, you can zap the rodent with a jolt of electricity, which will basically electrocute and kill the pest painlessly. The more advanced styles of these traps also feature a drawer that contains the dead mouse until you remove and discard of it. These offer a slightly more humane approach than the more traditional snap-style traps, although they are not as widely available and when they are located, these products typically cost more money.

Glue rodent trap

There is some controversy surrounding the inhumanity of glue traps and whether they should be used at all when seeking ways to control rodents around the home. Glue traps are risky, as any animal or creature can become stuck to the super-sticky surface of the trap, and these traps also lose their efficacy when they become dirty or dusty. Rodents that are trapped often die from dehydration, starvation, and suffocation over time, which is why many consumers consider them a less humane approach to take.

Humane mouse trap

If you want to use a mouse trap that is more humane and that doesn't harm the furry visitor, try one of the new, cube-style traps that are available in most home improvement or hardware stores. These are often shaped like a small box, and will contain the rodent so that you may release it unharmed away from your home. These are often baited with peanut butter or crackers, and allow you to get rid of the potential hazards associated with the rodents, while also containing the pest until you can get it far away from your living space.

Seeing evidence of a mouse in your home could be a sign of an infestation, and homeowners who want a quick and effective resolution should contact a professional exterminator like Eagle Pest Eliminators. However, if you decide to go ahead and attempt to snare the uninvited houseguest yourself, consider one of these widely available mouse traps. Keep the various pros and cons in mind to find the trap that most suits your distinct situation when shopping for this form of rodent control.