Making Your Own Themed Wooden Bird House

5 January 2015
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Many people enjoy watching birds. Placing outdoor themed wooden bird houses in your yard can bring you and your family a lot of joy. Personalizing a bird house can be a fun project that will make the bird house fit in according to your specifications. Here are a few ideas that you can use to spruce up a plain wooden bird house.

Hunter's Bird House

If you have a hunter in the home, you may want to incorporate that look on your bird house. Try your hand at painting the bird house in a camouflage print. You can buy three colors of paint that are all of the same shade. For example, light, medium and dark green would work wonderfully in a wooded area. Start by painting a base coat with the medium shade of your paint.

After it has dried, paint on some random blob-like shapes on the bird house in the darker and lighter shade that you had picked. Make the shapes long and horizontal. You can copy a printed sheet of camouflage that you find on the computer to use as a guide.  When it has dried completely, cover with a coating of polyurethane. 

Seashore Bird House

If you are a family that enjoys spending time at the beach, consider decorating a bird house in a seashore theme for your feathered friends. Start by painting the bird house a pastel blue or pink color. You will want to paint part of the bird house a sand color to represent the look of the beach. You can add some glue to this portion of the bird house and sprinkle real sand over the wood so that it sticks to the glue.

Allow it to dry thoroughly. Glue dried straw to the roof of the bird house to give it a thatched appearance. When this has dried, glue a few pretty seashells to the body of the bird house.

City Bird House

If you used to live in the city but have since moved to the countryside, you may want to have a reminder of your old home shown in your bird house. Paint your bird house a maroon color. Using a small paintbrush, paint black lines on the bird house to represent bricks. You can do this by first painting horizontally lines across the entire base. Then you can add smaller vertical lines to connect the rows.

Stagger the vertical lines in each row so the bricks are uniform. Add small bushes on each side of the entrance using pieces from plastic floral arrangements. You can add a small flower box to the bird house to match one you may have had at your apartment building in the city.

Try your hand at these DIY themes, or shop around for