3 Uncommon Uses For Your Leaf Blower

21 January 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Despite its name, your leaf blower is capable of, and in some situations perfect for, a wide variety of uses around the home and yard, some of which you might not have thought of before. Also, your leaf blower isn't just useful for when the leaves litter your yard in the fall, as there are reasons to break out the wind tunnel in all four seasons. A quality leaf blower can be an invaluable companion in many unique ways if you think outside the box. 

Snow Removal

If you want quick and easy snow removal without investing in an expensive and cumbersome snow blower, your leaf blower is your answer. Because they are lightweight, portable, and require less maintenance than a full blown snow blower, a leaf blower just might be the best tool for removing smaller amounts of snow. However, this application can be limited by the amount of snow present, wind conditions, and the presence of ice. 

Gutter Cleaning

Instead of lugging out the ladder and taking a whole afternoon to clean out your gutters, a leaf blower provides a shockingly easy solution. In order to pull this off, all you need is a narrow attachment for your blower, which will provide the power to clean even heavy, wet leaves out of your gutter. This process might even allow you to skip a ladder altogether if your attachment is long enough, and they do come in varying sizes. 

Drying Your Car

This might be the most fun application for your leaf blower there is, as blow drying your car takes far less time and effort than the traditional towel song and dance. This process makes drying your car a breeze, as the jet of air allows you to reach places where a bulky towel might not be able to go. However, if you're going to use this approach, make sure to only point the leaf blower up and in the direction of the car, otherwise you run the risk of blowing a fresh coat of dirt all over your newly clean car. 

Your leaf blower might be surprisingly under-utilized, even if you use it consistently in the fall and summer. The truth is that a leaf blower is useful for a number of projects that can be done year round and in several different areas of the yard. If you want to get some serious miles out of your existing tools, make sure that you're giving your leaf blower its due, it might just save you an extra few chore days per year. If you don't have a leaf blower, you can rent one from a company like Joe's Tractor Sales Inc.