Tired Of Plain Mulch At A Property You Manage? Use Pebbles Instead

29 January 2015
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If you have trees or flowerbeds on a property that you manage, you probably put down a new layer or two of bark mulch each year. The purpose of mulch is to help with water retention and weed prevention, so buying more each year is important. If you want a different look, as well as a mulching alternative that doesn't decompose, use pebbles instead. This guide explains the steps needed to create a pebble mulch border around your trees or flower beds.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Go to the garden supply center at your local home improvement store and pick up any of the following items that you don't already have:

  • shovel
  • gardening gloves
  • bags of pebbles
  • weed barrier cloth
  • landscape bricks

Step 2: Lightly Dig Up Grass and Weeds

Put on the gardening gloves and dig up the area you want to mulch with the shovel. Dig only a couple of inches into the ground to pull up any grass or weeds that are surrounding the trees or flowerbed.

Pick up the grass and weeds, either with your hands or with the shovel and throw them into your compost pile or into the yard waste container to be picked up on your next trash pickup day.

Step 3: Lay Down Weed Barrier

Lay the weed barrier cloth on the area you dug. You may need to rip it up a little and lay the ends on top of each other if you're pebble mulching around a tree.

Leave a few inches near the tree or flowers uncovered so water from sprinklers or rain can get to the roots.

Step 4: Spread the Pebbles

Open the bags of pebbles and spread them around on top of the weed barrier cloth. Leave the edges of the cloth uncovered. Place as many layers of pebbles as you want in the area to achieve the desired look, but make sure that the cloth is covered (other than the edges) and that wind and rain won't move the pebbles around to expose the cloth.

Step 5: Create the Border

Place the landscaping bricks on the edge of the weed barrier cloth that is not covered with pebbles.

Remember that pebbles come in all colors, so you can get as creative as you like. Ask your landscaper, such as NorthStar Cleaning & Property Services, for help or suggestions if you run into any problems with these steps. Additionally, check with them to see what other forms of mulch they recommend if you prefer not to use pebbles. Point out the beautiful landscape as a selling point to renters when they come to view the property.