Making Unique Wedding Bouquets

12 February 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you are getting married soon, you will need to decide what type of bouquet you would like for the bride and bridesmaids to carry during the ceremony. Traditional flower arrangements are always nice, but if you are having a unique theme for your wedding, you may want to incorporate the theme into your wedding bouquet. Here are some ideas you can use to make your wedding bouquets look interesting and eye-catching when using a unique theme.

Beach Themed Wedding

If you are holding your wedding on a beach, you may want to make your bouquet match sand and surf colors. Use a light blue flower with some tan or light pink smaller flowers arranged around them to give your bouquet a beach feel.

You can add some groups of shells or add some small starfish to the handle of your bouquet to bring a bit of the beach into your floral arrangement. If you are having your wedding in a tropical area, you will want to use bright flowers. You can use hibiscus or large orchids to match the theme. You could also use a variety of different grasses to accompany the flowers.

Military Wedding

If you or your loved one is a member of the military and you are holding the wedding on the grounds of the barracks or with a bunch of military guests, you may want to incorporate this important part of your life into your wedding theme. Have camouflage flower colors put into your bouquet. Use a dark, medium and light shade of one color flower in a green color. You can place small flags in the center of each bouquet, or you can wrap the bottom of the flowers in a flag to show your dedication to your country.

Gothic Or Halloween Wedding

If you are having a gothic wedding, or if you are holding your wedding around the Halloween season, you may want to enjoy a wedding with dark, spooky effects. Bring this to your floral arrangement by picking black or silver flowers. Some flowers, such as roses, are specially bred to grow in these shades, and they will make a stunning looking bouquet with a contrasting color to complement them.

Use dark red flowers with black dyed baby's breath around them for another different look. You can use a dark-colored piece of cloth as the handle area and have it tied in a big bow so people can see it when you walk down the aisle.

For more ideas or information on flowers, contact a local florist