How To Add Indian Textiles To Your Home's Decor

22 February 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Indian textiles are known for their vivid color, the way ancient wood-printing methods are used to transfer intricate designs to cloth, and for their unique designs. Capture this historic decor for your own home, and since no two textiles are alike, you can have a unique color infusion in many of your decorative endeavors. Find out how to throw Indian textiles into your current decorative style for a splash of amazing color and patterns.

Blooming decor

If you love flowers in your living room or dining space, then use Indian textiles to make your indoor blossoms even more luxurious. Great plants indoors are these blooming beauties:

  • Hibiscus
  • Oxalis
  • Jasmine
  • Crown-of-thorns
  • Guppy plant

Use Indian textiles as table runners for your blooming plants to sit next to, or as wall art behind shrubbery. If you place your plants in vases of varying colors, you can draw the eye to your textiles and make them blend into your overall decor much more easily.


Perhaps the best way to introduce Indian textiles to your home is in your furniture itself. Consider reupholstering the backs of your plain chairs with a bold design in flowers or animal prints, or toss a few throw pillows on a cream-colored couch. For your dining room, choose chair cushions that are influenced by Indian textile designs, so the pop of color and stunning patterns make this room appear brighter and more contemporary.

Wall decor

Just because most Indian textiles are fabric in design doesn't mean you cannot use them as wall art. The key is in how you hang them. Choose gold or hemp ropes to hang these beautiful textiles from at varying lengths on your walls, or hang them like a banner across your living room. You can also choose to display a large textile and place smaller paintings and complementary art around it.

When using Indian textiles

Since these textiles are so deeply colored and detailed, you want to make sure you display them in areas where they don't clash with other patterns that you have. This can be done by using neutral tones in the same room, such as an eggshell throw over a textile-infused couch, or by adding turquoise candles on a table with a textile runner. This way, you don't take away from the beauty of your Indian textiles by making a room too loud with other patterns.

Using Indian textiles in your home is a great way to add a pop of color that really shines. Use these textiles on your walls, furniture, and to complement pretty flowers to make your home look more inviting.