Three Myths To Know Before You Purchase A Log Cabin Home

27 February 2015
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If you think about a log cabin home, the first image that comes to mind might be a home from centuries ago, or a sparse mountain retreat. But the truth is, log cabin homes are still very popular choices, and rival any other construction material as far as quality. If you're considering a log cabin home, here's a look at three myths you should know.

Myth #1: Log Cabin Homes Are Susceptible to Insect Infestation

The truth is, the kind of insects that would damage wood are not actually attracted to large amounts of wood. Even though insects can live in the bark of the logs that are used for building some log homes, they will not be attracted to wood once it is dry and sits for a long time. Also, log home builders now prepare a log home with borate, which keeps termites from wanting to eat your home.

Myth #2: Log Cabin Homes Are Not Energy Efficient

This one may make sense on the surface. How can a log home have the same energy efficiency as a traditional home? A log home seems like it would have plenty of cracks and open spots that would let in (or let out) cold air. Now, perhaps a log home build on the prairie in the 1800s was drafty, but log cabins build today are just as efficient as any other type of construction. In fact, the mass of a log wall actually retains heat much better than a stud and plaster wall. There's a reason log cabins are still built in cold climates today.

Myth #3: Log Cabins Are A Fire Hazard

A regular frame home is actually more at risk of burning quickly if a fire occurs than a log home would be. The reason for this is that fire tends to form a sort of chimney within a frame home, making the spread of heat and flames very rapid. A log home, on the other hand, is made of large, dense logs that take much longer to burn. If a fire occurs in a log home, the floors and roof would burn much faster than the walled structure itself.

If a log cabin home has been on your mind, don't let these myths deter you! There are numerous benefits to a log home, and more and more people find this out each year. They're definitely not the log cabins of old!

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