3 Ways To Landscape A Garden In A Small Yard

13 March 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you need to landscape a garden in a small yard, then you just need a bit of creativity. Here are 3 ways to landscape a garden in a small yard without taking up a lot of space.

Trellis Gardens

First, consider doing a trellis garden in which you build the garden along a wall. To start, you will need a trellis that can go against your fence or your home. Lock the trellis securely in place with nails or with hooks that attach to the grooves of the vertical material.

Next, you need to hang light weight planters along the trellis and spread them apart a couple of feet if the plants are going to grow large. You can do rows of the planters so that they move vertically, or you can place the planters staggered along the wall so that there is less rhyme and reason.

In addition to the planters, consider planting some Ivy or another vine plant that will climb the wall. This will make the garden area look fuller without adding as many flowers.

Tower Gardens

Second, consider adding a tower garden that is also built upward. The difference between a tower and a trellis is that a tower is still going to take up some yard space but not nearly as much as a regular garden.

Tiered towers work best when you are trying to create a full garden. Look for ones that have large bases on the bottom, and then the remaining tiers should get smaller on each level.

If you want an easy tower, get one that has grooves on each tier so that you can fill them with flowers and soil. Otherwise, you will have to buy planters and pay more for your tower. Also, the flowers will not blend and grow together if they have to be in separate planters, so it just depends on what type of look you are going for.

Retaining Wall Gardens

Lastly, you can add a retaining wall garden. For this project, it is best to hire a landscaper because retaining walls are heavy, you need to be able to landscape the dirt upward, and it takes a lot of manpower.

If you add a retaining wall garden, then you can keep each level relatively shallow, and the retaining walls can move up one or two tiers. Just have a plan drawn out so that you know how much of the yard the garden will take up, and then you can decide how many level to add.

These three options will all work well if you have a small yard and want a garden. Just remember to seek professional, such as Master Landscape, help if the project is going to require heavy duty equipment and manpower.