Five Spring Cleaning Strategies That Work

2 April 2015
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Spring is a welcomed time of year, but it also may conjure up some dread due to the imminent necessity of spring cleaning chores. There are a few tips and tricks that can make the inevitable a bit easier, while still providing the same favorable and rejuvenating results for the coming season.

Five strategies for this year's spring cleaning include:

1. Tackle one room each day.

Plan ahead in terms of tackling one room each day. Go from top to bottom, washing walls, windows, floors- and then working on the smaller chores, such as dusting, rearranging, and laundering.

2. Spend a little money.

Invest a little bit of money into spring cleaning and you may be able to make a dramatic difference quickly. For example, rent a dumpster for ease and convenience, or invest resources in high-end, top-quality cleaning products. These elements may also give you some motivation to get the job done.

3. Get rid of the eyesores.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of old furnishings, ratty linens, or damaged items. The absence will inspire you to replace the item imminently, and you may enjoy the liberating feeling that accompanies paring down and cleaning out. For example, if you have an old tired couch, toss it in your rented dumpster or put it outside your home with a "free" sign, if local ordinances allow.

4. Hire some help.

If you live in a large home or have limited time for your spring-cleaning, consider hiring some outside help to get it done effectively and efficiently. You can hire a local cleaning company for the support, or try posting an ad on local bulletin boards, at work, or school. The extra hands can make light work of heavy-duty cleaning tasks, and get the entire task done much quicker.

5. Be realistic.

There are a lot of commitments during the spring season, from gardening and planting to seasonal holidays and events, like Easter or graduations. Plan ahead and be realistic about the best approach and time-frame for your spring cleaning. Go ahead and put it in your calendar or day-planner and commit to doing it, which may prevent procrastination.

Try these tips this year during your spring cleaning and try to look at it as a rewarding investment that will pay off later on. Take help when you can get it, and make an effort to curb the work and effort with these practical approaches. 

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