Protecting Your Septic Tank During A Rainstorm

19 April 2015
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Mother nature is known for causing many problems when it rains for your septic tank. How well you manage rainwater that enters into your drainfield will affect whether you need to have your septic system repaired. You might choose to have your septic tank pumped to correct the water problem. However, this will only solve the problem temporarily and you will eventually need to correct the root cause of the problem. Also, pumping out the septic tank during a flood can cause the septic tank to rise out of the ground, which can damage it. It is best to protect the drainfield from water in the first place.

The rainwater can saturate the drainfield, preventing the septic water from soaking into the drainfield. When this happens, the water will back up into the tank. The water will not have anywhere to go, so it will eventually make its way to your plumbing. When this happens, you might have septic water rise out of the toilet, into the bathtub and up out of the sink.

Symptoms of a Flooded Drainfield

The symptoms of a flooded drainfield include a foul odor that results from the septic water rising to the surface. You may also notice that your toilet does not flush as fast.

Preventing Flooded Drainfields

Make sure your gutters direct water away from the drainfield. If not, you will need to install new gutters. When it is raining a lot, use water as little as possible. Only flush your toilet when absolutely necessary. Try to shut off water as quickly as possible. Take shorter baths. All of these actions will reduce the amount of water in your septic tank. When the drainfield is covered, try to avoid using water at all.

Protecting the Septic Tank

Avoid digging into the septic tank or drainfield while the soil is wet. This can ruin the ability of the soil to treat the effluent. If you have a transfer pump in the tank, turn off power to the pump. Otherwise, it will run continuously, which will waste electricity and also increase the odds that it will burn out.

After the rain, you will need to check to make sure that the septic tank is draining. If it isn't, do not add more water without contacting a plumber or septic tank repair specialist from Sullivan Septic. The plumber will be able to insert a special camera into the septic tank that can help him or her determine if the septic tank is damaged.