Quality Materials For Reliable Outdoor Furniture

15 May 2015
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Outdoor furniture used for patios, barbecues or poolside relaxation need to stand against the test of time and the temptations of others. Areas with high winds and regular storms may see plastic chairs suddenly fly away without a moment's notice, while other materials can rust and degrade in certain situations. Before running out to buy the first nice looking (or cheap) furniture you see, consider a few traits and circumstances that could change your choice.

Wrought Iron Furniture Choices

Furniture made out of wrought iron is excellent for rainy areas. The material is rust-resistant and sturdy while being easier to weld and quite affordable when compared to cast iron. For most areas, a painted wrought iron piece can go for years without a single sign of rust. This is especially good news for coastal areas, where even a sink full of steel knives can begin to rust within a few hours.

Wrought iron is also heavy, making it a good choice for areas with a high chance of strong winds, tornadoes, hurricanes or thieving neighbors. They're difficult to pick up and can be secured to the ground easier, as plastics can be snapped or cut to make theft a breeze.

Wood Isn't Out Of The Question

Many woody furniture pieces are made for outdoor use. It's not out of the question if you think about it; many homes or even just porches are made out of wood and can last for a long time as long as they're treated well.

Make sure that the furniture is pressure or chemically treated and designed to last in the outdoors. If you can get a statement about the weather resistance of the wood and obtain a guarantee, make sure to get it in writing. If the wood fails through normal use in the outdoors, it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer.

Even if your furniture is designed to be resistant to weather, you may want to regularly paint the furniture with weather resistant paint and finishing at least once a year. Although it isn't required, your furniture will last longer.

Keep furniture covers on hand that can be zipped or fastened around the furniture rather than just draped over, as draping the furniture cover may act as a parachute that catches the wind and eventually flies away.

If you need help finding the right types of paints or covers to use with your patio furniture, contact a home and garden furniture professional (such as one from Think Outside... The Outdoor Great Room Store).