What To Do If You Need A New Heater (But Can't Afford One)

30 September 2015
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If your heating system stops working, the obvious solution might be to call your local heating and air conditioning company to have it replaced. With the average national cost of a new furnace installation running at $3,875, however, this might not be an easy option. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to keep your family warm when you can't afford a new heater.

Find Out About Financing Options

First of all, consider talking to your HVAC company about your financing options. Some heating and air conditioning companies work with various lenders who provide credit to help make this type of purchase more affordable. You can also consider taking out a home equity loan or a personal loan from your bank.

Have it Fixed in the Meantime

If your heating system is very old and outdated, if there is a good chance that it will need a lot more repairs in the next few years, or if it's not energy efficient, your heating repair professional will probably recommend that you replace it. Although this might be the smartest option in the long run, it might not be an option for your family if you don't have the money to do it. Talk to your HVAC professional about your needs. If your system can be fixed and will be safe to operate, then it might be worth it. Just understand that you will still need to start saving up for a future replacement; however, this can at least give you a little time to figure things out while still keeping you and your family warm.

Seal Up Your Home

If your home is as well-sealed as possible against the elements, it will be easier to hold in as much heat as possible. Use caulk around your windows and doors, and install new seals around your doors. These small changes can help keep your home warm.

Use Alternative Heating Options

You can invest in small space heaters to use in your home. These heaters are not generally used to completely heat a home; instead, they are typically used for supplemental heat. If you need something to keep your family warm until you can afford a new system, however, they can help. Just make sure that you watch them carefully when they are in use, since they can be dangerous.

As you can see, there are a few options to help keep your family warm until you're able to buy a new heating system. However, you should strive to buy a new system as soon as possible to keep your family warm during the winter and to save on energy costs.