Keeping Birds From Using Your Gutter System As A Nesting Area

24 May 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you had seen birds congregating around your home's gutter system, you will need to take the needed steps in having them diverted to another area of your property so they do not build nests inside your gutters. Birds often use gutters as a nesting area as they will be in an area safe from predators. They also benefit from a great view of the landscape around them so their young are not at risk. This area, however, is not good for a homeowner as it can cause the backing up of water, leading to roof leaks and siding damage. Here are some steps you can take to protect your gutters from becoming a home to birds.

Scare Birds Away With Shiny Items Or Decoys

If birds do not feel safe, they will not continue to visit your gutter area to build nests. Consider placing a few shiny items inside your gutters to help keep birds from getting near. Line your gutters with aluminum foil, set down a few cosmetic mirrors inside, or pin a few compact disks to your roof over the gutter. Reflective items scare birds, making them less likely to use the gutter to build nests if shimmering is noticed nearby. Another alternative is to place an owl or hawk decoy on your roof, overlooking the gutter system. Small birds will stay away from the area as they will feel threatened with the prospect of a bird of prey in the area. Rubber snakes also scare away birds.

Invest In Gutter Guards To Fill The Area

Gutter guards are a great addition to a home as they will not only block birds and rodents from utilizing the area for nests, but will also make gutter clean outs less frequent in number. Gutter guards come in several different mediums. Some people prefer a mesh layer as they can see the debris that makes its way inside the gutter, alerting them when to remove the mesh to clean out the interior. A foam guard can be placed inside, making nesting less likely but still allowing water to make its way through the area. Contact a roofing company or gutter installation service like Dan The Gutterman to inquire about gutter guard choices that work well with your existing gutters.

Use Sound Waves To Make The Area Less Enticing

Set up a few home speakers in windows above your gutter, and play sounds birds do not enjoy to help scare them from the area. Emit sounds of predatory animals to the type of bird you have seen in the area. There are also music programs available that play high-frequency sounds that can be heard by birds but not humans. Set up your home stereo to play these sounds at times of the day where you have noticed birds around your rooftop. Soon you will observe they are no longer hanging out in the area at all.