Five Fun Decorative Uses For Ornamental Railings

27 September 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Wrought-iron railings offer many advantages. They are durable, sturdy and require only a minimum of maintenance. In addition, such railings are very attractive and can be used in a number of unique ways to individualize your home. Traditional ornamental railings come with fleur-de-lis designs or scrolling curls. However, modern-wrought iron railings can be fashioned in any number of patterns, from fanciful flower designs to more personal images like a child reading a book or mother holding a baby.

Fun ways to use ornamental railings in your home

1. To add detail to a brick, stone, or wooden fence. Ornamental railings can be used to make an ordinary wooden or stone fence unique. These railings also be fitted into a brick base for a colonial-style fence.

2. To adorn your interior staircase. Ornamental railings can also be used indoors, to make your staircases more beautiful and to add decorative appeal to the supports that surround your loft.

3. For your deck railings. Ornamental railings can help make your deck safe and secure while adding beauty. Instead of wooden slats and rails, consider using ironwork to reflex the beauty of nature while preventing any accidents. Wrought-iron railings will also withstand the weather better than most wooden railings and require less painting and staining.

4. To create a French or New Orleans-style balcony. Wrought-iron ornamental railings can also be used to give your balcony a stylish French Quarter or Parisian look. Traditional New Orleans design not only features a decorative railing across the front of the balcony, but also has decorative ironwork that frames the canopy and the supports as well.

5. As decorative window and door protection. Many homeowners put metal gates across their doors and windows as an added protection against thieves and vandals. However, you don't have to sacrifice your home's exterior beauty for that extra security. By using ornamental railings, you can make it difficult for unauthorized persons to gain access to your home while still maintaining a look that appeals to visitors and potential home buyers.

While wrought-iron decorative railings may not be the right choice for every homeowner and every decor, this type of railing is very versatile and can be used to individualize your deck or fence, to create a beautiful railing for your interior staircases, to create a French-style balcony, and to offer protection for your doors and windows without sacrificing any curb appeal.

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