Attractive Ideas for Replacing Kitchen Windows

18 November 2016
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You've decided to upgrade your windows. The impetus for this change is likely the money you can save with energy-efficient windows. Maybe you've already done some research about low-E coatings and gas fills. However, you still have design decisions to make about your replacement windows. In fact, your choice in kitchen windows can have a significant impact on the overall ambiance of the space. Design your kitchen windows so that the appearance of your kitchen gets as much of an upgrade as your utilities budget.


You can never have too much natural light in your kitchen. One relatively easy method for adding additional natural light in a one-story kitchen is with skylights. Better Homes and Gardens describes a kitchen that adds three skylights right above the main work area. Not only do the skylights allow more sunlight in, but the design also complements the architecture of the kitchen. Place your skylights as close to food-preparation areas as possible to make these tasks easier.

Window Bank

The conventional wisdom of "less is more" doesn't hold true when it comes to kitchen windows. If your kitchen faces a nice view, consider adding more exterior windows. You can have them installed side by side for a pleasing symmetrical effect. With all that glass, though, you'll have to choose your energy efficiency carefully. If the windows will be letting in a lot of sun, consider adding a UV coating so the kitchen doesn't overheat.

Bay Windows

A classic addition for any kitchen is a bay window because this provides a convenient place for a breakfast nook. You can incorporate the bay windows into a bump-out for additional space or build them into an existing bay. Consider adding built-in bench seating for extra storage as well as convenient seating. As with the window bank, pay extra attention to the energy-efficiency features you choose.

Awning Windows

Sunlight isn't the only thing that can make your kitchen hot. Steam and general heat from the oven can increase the temperature. If you have space high up your exterior wall, consider awning windows. These windows hinge at the top, and the sash swings outward. This makes them convenient for airing out the kitchen no matter the weather. You can have them installed above existing windows or above cabinets.


You probably daydream while doing the washing up in the kitchen. Well, why not have a pleasant view? You could replace your current sink backsplash with windows. If the windows look out to the yard, then you get increased light. However, you can also install these windows to overlook another room. This gives your kitchen an attractive open feel.

Augment the beauty of your kitchen with attractive window styles. Get more ideas by following this link.