The Strengths And Weaknesses Of 4 Dining Table Shapes

18 June 2020
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Modern dining room table buyers have many choices as to height, color, style, and size. But the shape of the table is the feature that has such a significant practical and cosmetic function. How can table shape affect everything? And which one is right for you? Here's a guide to making the best choice. 

1. Rectangle Table. The rectangle is the most common table shape, and that's largely because it fits easily into most dining rooms. A rectangle is also probably the most efficient use of space because because you get the largest amount of useful surface as well as the most seats. Many also come with leaves to make the table larger. Depending on the style, a rectangular table can be rustic or modern in feeling. 

2. Square Table. Much less common is the square table. This is a great choice for smaller dining rooms or informal dining areas where space is at a premium. Because it's a less common shape, though, it tends to look modern and sleek. While great for medium-size groups and entertaining, the square can feel distant and cold when there are only two or three diners. But it allows more efficient seating than many round counterparts. 

3. Round Table. The round table is another classic look, particularly for those smaller or informal areas. Small round tables feel more homey than squares, though, so they provide a different vibe. The round table also offers diners a better distance to comfortably converse with one another during a meal. If you need the added seating, you can often find versions with leaves for extending the table into an oval. 

4. Oval Table. The oval table is often a staple in more formal and traditional dining rooms. There is a sense of classic elegance to many large oval tables. And because they use less space than an equal-size rectangle, you may be able to more comfortably add other furniture in the room — things like side or buffet tables, cupboards, floor lamps, and artistic decor — without affecting foot traffic. 

The right table shape generally comes down to the 'feeling' you want to convey and the way you use the dining room. There is no right or wrong answer, but when you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each style, you can choose more confidently. Want to learn more? Visit a dining room furniture showroom in your area today.