Drinking Water Systems: Become Your Own Water Supplier

13 November 2020
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If you're looking to waste fewer plastic bottles and less money on filtered water, installing a drinking water system can pay for itself quickly. When looking at drinking water systems, filtration specifications, durability, and initial cost can be major concerns.

Initial Cost

Installing a new drinking water system can vary wildly. It can be helpful to break the initial cost into hardware and labor.


Drinking water systems can be hooked directly to your main water supply or connected to your kitchen faucet and/or refrigerator. Hooking the drinking water system directly to your water supply will purify all of the water coming into your home. This can be ideal if you want to soften your water via reverse osmosis. These drinking water systems can be prohibitively expensive and more difficult to maintain. Adding a drinking water system to your sink and/or fridge will be far less expensive. When assessing the true cost of the hardware, you'll need to assess the cost and the durability of the filtration apparatus. Filters made from copper and stainless steel are often more expensive but last much longer than those made from plastics.


Adding a drinking water system should not require major plumbing changes. When you get quotes from drinking water systems, professionals be sure to note the price per hour they charge you for their labor. As discussed above, hooking a drinking water system directly to your main water supply can be more expensive and require excavating sections of your yard. If a quote you're considering costs more for labor than for the drinking water system, then you can probably find a better deal somewhere else.

Filtration Specs

Competing drinking water systems will often claim major differences when it comes to boasting about filtration specifications.


Contrary to claims made by some drinking water filtration system manufacturers, the taste of the water that comes out of your fridge or faucet will not taste substantially different. Although a drinking water system can improve the clarity and smell of the water, any difference in taste you might note is psychosomatic.


Drinking water systems come equipped with filtration systems designed to remove everything from chlorine to lead. It's important, however, not to be lured in by dramatic claims. For instance, if you're deciding between one drinking water system that removes 9 parts per million of lead versus another that "only" removes 7 parts per million, the actual difference in the purity of the water each drinking water system produces will be unnoticeable.      

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