Should You Get A Queen Bed?

10 May 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you are in the process of trying to figure out what size bed is going to be right for you, then there are some specific questions that you are going to want to ask and answer. By making sure you have considered some of the important factors in choosing the right bed, you will be happier about the purchasing decision you do end up making. Here are some examples of such questions, which can help you figure out if a queen mattress will be best for your home. 

How many will be sleeping in the bed?

If you are going to be sleeping with someone else in the bed, such as your spouse or partner, then you are going to find a twin and even a full bed will be too small for the two of you. You are going to want to get a bigger bed such as a queen or king. However, a king bed can be hard to fit in many bedrooms due to its extremely large size, so a queen bed may be your best option. 

How much do you move?

Some people wake up in relatively the same place and position they fell asleep in and with the covers not messed up. Then, there are those who wake up in a messy bed and in a different position and a different spot on the bed. If you are the type who tends to wake up like the latter, then you want a bed that is going to be large enough for you to move around a lot. Some people just do this, but others move around a lot because they have pain issues that make it hard for them to get comfortable. 

How important is bedding to you?

Some people don't give much thought to their bedding. They may have just a few sets of sheets and a couple of blankets. However, there are a lot of people who are more serious about their bedding. They want to have many sets of sheets, a variety of blankets, a number of bedspreads, bed skirts, etc. If you are torn between a queen and a king and you take your bedding seriously, then you want to understand queen bedding is going to be more affordable, and that means more bedding for less when you opt for a queen. 

How big is your room?

As mentioned above, the size of your bedroom matters, especially when thinking about a queen or a king. A king bed is quite a bit larger than a queen and while kings fit fine in large master bedrooms, they tend to be too large for smaller masters or regular bedrooms, so in the case of less space, a queen will be best.

For more information about queen mattresses, contact a local mattress seller.