Reasons To Buy A Short Table Runner

10 August 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


The addition of a linen table runner to the top of your dining room table can augment the style of the room as a whole, helping to give this space a special look when you're inviting people over for a meal. The number of colors and styles that are available mean that you can change the look of your table in a number of ways. If you're shopping for a linen table runner, you'll need to know the length of your table. You'll also need to decide what length of table runner you want. Some people choose a longer product that hangs over the ends of the table by several inches, while others go for something short that stops just before the ends of the table. Here are some reasons that a short linen table runner is a good idea.

It Won't Be In People's Way

While a long table runner that hangs over the ends of the table may provide a look that you favor, you need to think about the people who sit at each end of the table. When someone sits down, the table runner will be pressed against their legs or lap. This isn't a concern in itself, but the issue is that the person may inadvertently pull the material when they move or stand up. Even pulling the material an inch could create considerable upheaval on the table — dishes and cutlery may move, candles may shift, and more. When you use a short table runner, there's no risk of this issue.

It May Look Tidier

Some people favor a short table runner because it can provide a tidier look. If you're of the opinion that fabric hanging over the edge of your table looks a little messy, you'll find that a short table runner gives you a tidy look that you favor. When you measure the length of your table and shop for a table runner that is perhaps just an inch or two shorter than the table, the material will stop just short of each end and give you a tidy, stylish look.

It May Be More Affordable

While there are several factors that can play a role in the price of a linen table runner, you'll typically find that those that are shorter are more affordable than their longer counterparts. If you're on a budget but you're eager to give your dining room a stylish look, you may find that a short table runner is a better financial choice. Visit your local home furnishings store to browse its selection of table runners.