Installation Tips For Residential Water Softener Systems

7 February 2022
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You can prevent a lot of bad things from happening by investing in a water softener system for your home, such as increasing the lifespan of your clothes and water appliances. If you just purchased a system to enjoy these benefits, here are some protocols that can help you with the installation.

Choose a Location That's Simple to Access

You can keep a water softener in great condition for years if you put an emphasis on proper maintenance. Completing these steps won't be as hard if you start out choosing an optimal location for this equipment. Ideally, the location needs to be easy for you to access on a consistent basis.

For instance, you could place this system in the garage and then have no issues getting to it when you inspect and clean parts. The garage also will keep the system protected from the outside elements, as well as provide a stable, level base for the softener to rest.

Purchase High-Quality Tubing if Necessary

If you're not able to connect the water softener to your main water source using the existing tubing, then you'll need to get more. You just need to make sure you focus on getting a high-quality variety that keeps water from leaking out of said system after you get finished with this installation process.

Make sure the tubing is durable enough to last a long time, but also compatible with tubing that you'll be connecting to as to power this water softener system in an effective manner long-term. If you need help, you can just hire a plumber.

Check for Leaks Post-Installation

Even if you think every component of the water softener system was properly set up in your home, still check for leaks after you get done. Then you'll make sure water isn't able to escape this important system and subsequently cause a lot of property damage.

Focus particularly on all of the connection points where there are seals. If any leaking was going to happen, it would be around these areas. If everything remains dry after turning on the softener and running it for a couple of hours, you're good to go.

Water softeners take hard water and make it soft, which results in a lot of great things for homeowners. As long as you understand what to do for a proper setup, this system will continue working great and letting you enjoy key benefits associated with soft water. 

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