The 3 Effective Ways To Eliminate Paper Wasps In Your Yard

2 December 2022
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One common pest most homeowners have to contend with at one time or another is paper wasps. Paper wasps are those long yellow and black flying insects that build hanging nests in trees, old vehicles, and the eaves of your home.

Unlike their distant cousins, the honey bee, paper wasps can be aggressive towards people, sting multiple times when they feel threatened, and have much more painful venom.

Although you may be aware that honey bees benefit the environment, you may not have heard the same about paper wasps. However, the reality is paper wasps are very beneficial to the environment and are excellent pollinators for flowering plants and fruit trees. 

Despite their benefits to the environment, homeowners with pets and children are advised to exterminate them to prevent stings. While it is reasonable to try to relocate honey bees, the best thing you can do for paper wasps is to exterminate the adults and remove their nests.

Although you will read endless numbers of suggestions for strange ways you can eliminate wasps, there really are only three effective options you need to choose from:

Soap and Water

If there is a small paper wasp nest hanging where you can easily reach it, it is reasonable to eradicate it by spraying it with soapy water. 

Mix a tablespoon of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle of water. Spray the soapy water directly onto the wasp nest until it is completely soaked. 

Soapy water is an effective way to eradicate paper wasp nests because the wasps use spiracles for breathing. When their spiracles are clogged with soapy water, the paper wasps can't breathe, killing them. 

Once all of the wasps are dead, it's essential to completely remove their nests. The easiest way is to scrape them off with a putty knife.

Since paper wasps tend to build wasps repeatedly in the same place, periodically check the area for new nests.

Chemical Wasp Spray

If you have a large wasp nest or one located out of reach, chemical wasp spray is the best choice for wasp pest control.

Buy a can of wasp spray at your local home center. The spray will reach a long distance because the can is under a lot of pressure. This allows you to stand back safely while soaking the nest with chemical wasp killer.

Professional Wasp Extermination

If you are allergic to paper wasps or prefer not to deal with them, then a local wasp pest control service can help you. Pest control professionals use insecticides for wasp extermination and then will remove all of the nests from your property.