Keep Pests Away This Spring By Replacing Your Gutters

26 January 2023
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When the gutters for your home are in poor condition, there can be a lot more to worry about the water not being diverted away from your home. Since pests can come in full force during the spring, you'll need to consider how damaged or broken gutters can increase the problem.

If you've been weighing the pros and cons of replacing the gutters right now, you will need to explore the advantages of having it done to prevent pests from getting close to your home.

Avoid Standing Water

In many cases, the biggest concern with gutters in poor conditions is a lot of standing water that doesn't drain after it rains or snow melts. Standing water can be a huge target for pests since mosquitoes and other insects can use the water as a breeding ground.

By choosing gutters that will adequately drain water as necessary, there won't be as much concern over insects breeding so close to your home.

Assess Any Nesting Areas

When the gutters aren't working as they should, there could be nests. The sides of your existing gutters could be the perfect place for a bird to begin building a nest, especially if it's been a long time since it rained and the gutters haven't been inspected recently.

As you consider installing new gutters, you'll need to assess which areas could attract everything from birds to rodents and insects. Since there can be some concerns over pests making a nest near your home, you'll want new gutters installed that are entirely enclosed and won't be a target for a nest to be built.

Choose Rodent-Proof Gutters

Along with avoiding their nesting areas, you can choose gutters with mesh to prevent anything from climbing up the gutters. When no rain or water is being drained from your home, the gutters could end up being something that mice or rats end up crawling into. Not only can they stuff lots of debris inside the gutters, but they could also create holes and cause significant damage.

Rodent-proof gutters will include mesh that prevents any rodents from getting in and damaging the gutters.

When your goal is to have new gutters installed and you're worried about keeping pests out, there are many steps you can take to avoid this problem. By relying on a professional to help pick out new gutters, your concerns about pests can be reduced significantly and you can enjoy your new gutters lasting for much longer.

Learn more about gutter guard installation by reaching out to a local gutter service.