3 Surprisingly Dirty Places In Offices

9 December 2015
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Having a cleaner office for your employees is a great way to keep your employees happier and healthier, but is your office really as clean as you think? If you are not able to perform the cleaning services your office building needs, you should hire a janitorial service company to do the work for you. By doing this, your offices will not only look cleaner, but they will actually be cleaner and safer for your employees. Read More 

Drapery Dilemma: Five Signs Your Drapes Need Maintenance

16 November 2015
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Drapery is a fantastic way to decorate your home, office, or public building. They offer warmth and insulation, protect you from glare, keep your furniture from fading due to UV rays, and they simply look stunning. However, a variety of issues can ruin the fun. If you notice these 5 signs, be sure to seek cleaning or maintenace for your drapes as soon as possible: Dampness You should have a dehumidifier in the same room or building as your drapes if at all possible. Read More 

What To Do If You Need A New Heater (But Can’t Afford One)

30 September 2015
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If your heating system stops working, the obvious solution might be to call your local heating and air conditioning company to have it replaced. With the average national cost of a new furnace installation running at $3,875, however, this might not be an easy option. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to keep your family warm when you can't afford a new heater. Find Out About Financing Options Read More 

Water Softener Questions Answered

4 September 2015
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A water softener can be an essential upgrade to make to your home if it suffers from excessively hard water. Hard water can dry out your skin and cause pipe block mineral accumulations to form. While water softeners are common, they are sophisticated devices, and it is common for homeowners to have a limited understanding of these devices. After you consider the following couple of questions and answers concerning water softeners, you will be in a better position to understand these devices. Read More 

Learn How To Choose The Right Curtain Rod For Your Draperies

31 August 2015
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Drapery can sometimes be rather heavy and it is important to make sure that you choose the right curtain rod to on which to hang your drapery to ensure that you are able to support the weight and create the look you want. It takes proper planning to select the right curtain rod to use to hang your drapery on in your home. The following guide walks you through a few key issues to consider before you go shopping for a curtain rod. Read More