The 3 Effective Ways To Eliminate Paper Wasps In Your Yard

2 December 2022
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One common pest most homeowners have to contend with at one time or another is paper wasps. Paper wasps are those long yellow and black flying insects that build hanging nests in trees, old vehicles, and the eaves of your home. Unlike their distant cousins, the honey bee, paper wasps can be aggressive towards people, sting multiple times when they feel threatened, and have much more painful venom. Although you may be aware that honey bees benefit the environment, you may not have heard the same about paper wasps. Read More 

5 Decorating Ideas For A Farmhouse Theme In Your Living Room

19 September 2022
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Farmhouse-style decor refers to a style of decorating that is typically characterized by warmth, simplicity, and nature-inspired elements. This type of decor often includes distressed wood furnishings, vintage finds, natural materials like cotton and wool, and a neutral color palette. If you're looking to incorporate a farmhouse theme in your living room, here are five decorating ideas to get you started. 1) Hang a cotton modern farmhouse curtain set Block the sun's rays — or a nosy neighbor's prying eyes — with a set of stylish yet functional curtains. Read More 

What Can You Do With A Lighting Control System?

19 August 2022
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Every home needs quality lighting. Simple light bulbs can provide the illumination you need to see clearly and perform tasks, even at night. However, a lighting control system can take your home's lighting to the next level. Here are four things you can do with a lighting control system: 1. Harmonize your lights with available natural lighting Natural lighting is prized for many reasons. Sunlight can be a natural mood booster. Read More 

Three Reasons To Buy A Three-Sided Vehicle Awning

1 June 2022
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If you do a lot of traveling, it can be fun to shop for vehicle accessories that you can use on multiple occasions in the years ahead. There are all sorts of products that may be on your shopping list, but one product to consider is a 3-sided vehicle awning. These large devices come in all sorts of styles, but they are generally mounted to the vehicle's roof and extend outward. Read More 

Adding A Fence Around Your Business’s Perimeter

19 April 2022
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Installing a fence on your business's property is an upgrade that can help to make it less susceptible to a number of different types of criminal activity. While there are many businesses that will make use of commercial fencing to meet these needs, your business may lack this feature. This may require you to oversee the installation of this fence, but it will also give you a chance to customize this feature so it will perfectly suit your needs. Read More